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Bronze plaque generator

By | 06.10.2020

All words included in Price. Cost is based on Plaque Size not letters. Upload Details Here. Instant Price Quote. Email: info bronzememorials. I want to thank you for the beautiful work Bronze Memorials did for me. I lost my mom unexpectedly to Cancer and I wanted a way for everyone to Remember what she has done for our Community.

The plaque that Bronze Memorials did is absolutley perfect. When the Fed Ex truck pulled up in front of "her" Preschool, I started shaking and could barely open the packaging. The minute I opened it and saw my Mom's beautiful smile I couldn't stop crying.

“Handcrafted Plaques Since 1948”

Your work is amazing and now because of Bronze Memorials I get to see that beautiful smile of hers every morning as I walk through the front door of "her" school, where her and I worked together for 30 years. If this keyboard were a piece of paper I was writing on to you it would be stained with teardrops. Thank you Bronze Memorials for your amazing work! Hi, The plaque for Jason left me speechless. As much as I tried to imagine what it might look like, my wildest dreams never even came close to comparing with the real thing.

Thank you so much for your part in this memorial. Hi, We received the plaque today. It is awesome!!! Thank you so very much. Its truly a pleasure to deal with you and your company.

See More Military Plaques. See More Garden Plaques.

bronze plaque generator

You can Trust Us Thousands do! Get An Instant Price. Raised Satin Gold Copy and Border. Bronze Plaque with 6 Military Seals. Sizes from 10" to 96" available. FREE Shipping.Looking to find the perfect plaque to commemorate an achievement, celebrate a retirement, or share a memorable moment? Browse our extensive collection of desk plates, office plates, desk wedges, cubicle plates, and table tents to create one for your or your employee.

Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience with our website and service. We appreciate your business and feedback! Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience with us. We appreciate your business and feedback. We are excited for you to receive your final product! Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser.

RoboCNC Projects 050: Making a mold for a bronze memorial plaque.

Plaques Looking to find the perfect plaque to commemorate an achievement, celebrate a retirement, or share a memorable moment? Shop Now. We are so glad you had a good experience with our website. Thank you for your business! So much more cost effective than the other options I have found.

Now just waiting for the proof and final product.Metal Designs LLC has the team and expertise to produce personalized bronze plaques featuring cut metal lettering or cast metal lettering. We offer a variety of bronze plaquesincluding those with sculpted portraits, and work with a variety of clients, large and small, including non-profits organizations, hospitals, synagogues, churches, military, fire and police departments, and individuals who want a permanent memorial for a beloved family member or friend.

Each one of our clients is important to us, no matter what size order. Our sales staff takes the time to explain all of the options to you, and, based on those conversations, plus the information, specifications, and images you supply, our top-notch drafting team will craft a design tailored specifically for you, free of charge and with no obligation, for your review.

Only when the design is established and you sign off on the design, will we then move forward to the production phase. A cast bronze plaque is a plaque cast in a sand mold and made from molten bronze ingots. All of our bronze dedication plaques, bronze donor plaques, and bronze memorial plaques are sculpted right on site to ensure the highest quality design and ensure any changes and adjustments can be made the same day or the next day.

All of our custom designs feature bas-relief or full-round sculpting. We have the ability to include multiple low-relief photos on your plaque design at no additional cost. We can also cast, cut and fabricate them in almost any size and shape. We offer metal lettering in bronze, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and copper. Choose any font you might find on PC or Mac and simply let us know the font name so we can use it on your plaque. Please take a moment to peruse our website for ideas.

bronze plaque generator

You can click the button below or contact us here at Metal Designs LLC at anytime for a free quote and to learn more about our cast bronze offerings today! Customized Bronze Plaques Metal Designs LLC has the team and expertise to produce personalized bronze plaques featuring cut metal lettering or cast metal lettering.

How to Customize Cast Bronze Plaques A cast bronze plaque is a plaque cast in a sand mold and made from molten bronze ingots. Show All Bronze Plaques. Cast bronze school donor plaque. Aluminum plaque with printed image on the face. Cast bronze plaque with a sculpted reed and ribbon border. Bronze building dedication plaque Nassau Colliseum. Veterans Memorial Bronze Plaque.

Bronze plaque custom cross. Park Dedication Plaque. Bronze Yeshiva Cast Bronze Plaques. Cast bronze Building Dedication plaque with image. Airport Security Cast Bronze Plaque. Cast Dedication Cast Bronze Plaques.

Church sculpted open book Cast Bronze Plaque. Colored Dedication Cast Bronze Plaques. Dedication Cast Bronze Plaques. Firefighter Memorial Cast Bronze Plaques. Headstone Memorial Cast Bronze Plaques. Historical Site Cast Bronze Plaques. Boat Decommisioning Cast Bronze Plaques. Holocaust Dedication Cast Bronze Plaques.

Honorary Membership Cast Bronze Plaques.Because they provide an image of prestige and permanence, cast bronze plaques are a popular choice for personalized memorials and dedications. Leading contractors, architects, landscape artists, law offices and corporations have trusted Impact Signs for more than 25 years to design, produce and install interior and exterior bronze plaques nationwide. Our custom cast plaques are made by our skilled craftsmen who pour molten bronze into sand molds.

They combine a centuries-old technique with modern technology to create bronze plaques of unparalleled quality. We are happy to try to accommodate rush orders on custom office signs, if possible. Please give us the date you need the signage in hand, or installed, and we will try to accommodate.

Also please fill out the quote from with your exact details before calling. Rush production fees will apply. Expedited, overnight and 2-day, shipping options are also available. Please note that production time begins upon payment in full and an approved proof.

If you approve it late or need changes, we can not guarantee the date we promised. We have some of the best, most creative plaque layout artists in the industry. If you provide the copy and images if neededwe will design your plaque for you.

Its best to provide a rough sketch, word document or PDF file of the copy you need. A deposit is required to begin the design process.

You can also provide your own art. Please make sure to follow the minimum letter size rules. Shop now for discounted pricing on standard sizes and options. Request a quote if you have a custom size, unique specifications, or a multi-plaque project, or if you are just unsure what you need. Extra Depth Cast Bronze Plaque Cast with extra depth and no border, this is a modern take on the traditional bronze plaque.

bronze plaque generator

Historic Building Renovation Dedication Plaque. Impact Signs has professional installers in most major metro areas across the country who can carefully and precisely install your signage. Our time-tested process ensures you—and your signage—are in good hands, every step of the way. Cast Bronze Plaques.Getting Started. East Point Foundry is proud to have partnered with both private sector civilian and public sector government agencies, honoring achievements and accolades by institutions and individuals.

We view our projects as unique and a chance to honor those who have given so much to the causes they are passionate about. We love a challenge! Whether you want a traditional bronze plaque, nameplate, lettering, home maker, sculpting, casting, or a complex, custom project, East Point Foundry will let you know if the scope of work is possible, practical and clearly communicate with you to achieve the perfect end result. As one of the few standing Foundries, we do not rely on costly middle-men.

Our clients often commend us for a timely process, from initial phone call, or email, to finished product shipped directly to your door or place of business. Price varies based on scope of work and your requirements, which is why we offer a free, no hassle quote. Fair pricing, and super high-end products is what East Point Foundry, proudly made in Atlanta, Georgia USA has made us a favorite by institutions and individuals who demand quality craftsmanship.

East Point Foundry has an enormous body of work since its inception. We are always happy to give references to similar projects so you can rest assured knowing your work of art is polished, professional and amazing just as you envision it.

Custom plaques are special. They are a big reflection of both the recipient and the giver. They tell you how important the recipient is and how honorable the giver must be.

For such an important tablet, a lot goes into making it the beauty you so much admire.

Blank plaque Meme Generator

Every plaque comprises three major parts. They are the backboard, the underplate, and the top plate. The backboard is the foundation on which the custom plaque is built.

It is most usually made of wood materials like maple, alder, oak, cherry and walnut. Wood composite can also be used. This would have been wrapped and finish to have a wooden look. It could also be painted black. For the underplate, a piece of metal is cut to size and attached to the backboard with the help of powerful adhesive.

This is what serves as a beautiful border for the main plate, which is the top plate. The top plate is the most important one, on which words are engraved.Customize one of many engraved plaques for an employee of the month award, salesperson of the year or to celebrate a retiring employee.

Select from various styles, material options and colors when you order an engraved plaque from PlaqueMaker. The following sizes are out of stock: 11x8. Award plaques are excellent choices for awarding a top athlete at a sporting event or saying thank you for a generous donation.

Select from a variety of mounting materials for your award plaqueincluding rosewood, solid cherry wood and walnut, bamboo or marble. Personalized messages, names and dates are carefully laser-etched onto the award plaques, either directly onto the wood or on a metal plate, so you can customize its appearance to suit your needs. Other options for appearance customization include laser-fused, color-printed and sublimated plaques. Select a plaque with a keyhole on the back for easy hanging on a wall, or pick a dedicated stand for a tabletop or desk display.

Perpetual plaques are great choices for permanent displays and honor award recipients each year or month. Purchase additional plates each year and have them custom engraved with donors, sponsors and other honorees. Many plaques have color printing options to help make its message and any logos stand out.

Choose from a variety of materials and sizes to accommodate your individual needs. Whether you're getting ready to honor an esteemed member of the military or law enforcement officer, retiree or salesperson of the year, you can find a wide variety of award plaque options at PlaqueMaker. Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser.

Ships Today Yes. Bulk Quantity Yes. Easy Design Yes. Engraved Plaques Customize one of many engraved plaques for an employee of the month award, salesperson of the year or to celebrate a retiring employee. Award Plaques. Certificate Plaques. Easy Design Plaques. Patent Plaques. Perpetual Plaques. Color Plaques. Engraved Plaques. Wood Plaques. Aluminum Plaques. Laser-Engraved Metal Plaques. Corporate Perpetual Award Plaques. Certificate Kits. Solid Cherry Wood Plaques.

Photo Frame Plaque. Glass Plaques.You will be able to choose the metal type, color, size, engraving fill color and of course, design.

Bronze Plaque | Bronze Plaques | Custom Bronze Plaques

The plaque can be designed by us according to your specifications, or you can choose to supply your own design, and we will be in touch with your designers if needed. The plaques are delivered directly to you within 14 business days of confirming all aspects of the order. Need help? Create your plaque in a few simple steps! Choose the sizetype of metal and design. The Plaque will arrive within 14 days. Average time.

Price is based on size only, regardless of the amount of text. Easy to calculate price of plaques online, so you can create a plaque with a design that suits your budget. Standard shipping charge for plaque order anywhere in the U.

We are committed to excellent service, punctuality, affordable prices and high quality products. Please contact us by email for consulting, design and order of any plaques online. Plaque Direct. Create your own plaque simply by using our order form. Order Now. Take a look at our plaqus. Easy Order Form. Save and Continue Later. You can choose to either supply the graphic design file, or have it done by our experts. Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, word, txt, doc, docx, jpeg.

Choose your desired metal type:. Choose your desired installation. Full Name. CreditCard Paypal. About Us. I wanted to let you know the replacement plaque arrived yesterday. It was in perfect condition. The packing was very thorough and protected the plaque quite well. Thank you for your excellent service. We will certainly give your company the best reviews possible and hope to do business with you again.

The price was fair, the order process was easy to go through the sales representative was attentive to all my questions and requirements. Most Importantly the photo plaque looks fabulous! I ordered it as a gift for my parents, and had a family photo engraved on it, so the engraving is very intricate. How did they do that?? The metal has a beautiful finish to it, giving the plaque a very impressive look.

I ordered an additional plaque for myself, and am waiting for it to arrive now. Steve Menson.

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