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Moon butterfly and marco fanfiction

By | 06.10.2020

Marco Ubaldo Diaz is the deuteragonist of Star vs. As of " Doop-Doop ", he goes back to living on Earth with his family. From " Here to Help " onward, he is Star's boyfriend. Marco is a Latino-American teenager of medium height with a slender build, tan skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a mole on his right cheek. He usually wears a light gray shirt, a red hoodie, dark gray skinny jeans, and olive and white sneakers. As a result of Hekapoo's constant searing smacks to the back of his head, he also has a bald spot.

These cheek marks appear again in " Cleaved " while he hugs Star in the collapsing Realm of Magic after all magic is destroyed. Marco is kind, responsible, very organized, and supportive of others. He has a reputation at his school for being the "safe kid" due to avoiding danger and being cautious, though he insists that he is a "misunderstood bad boy" and lives for danger. He prefers keeping his possessions neatly organized. Marco is smart, gets good grades in his math and psychology classes, and figures out how to find a replacement for Star's wand charger using the metric system.

moon butterfly and marco fanfiction

Although he isn't used to the kind of craziness that Star brings, he admits that he would like a little danger in his life and finds fun in fighting monsters with karate. He often struggles with self-confidence, afraid of being ridiculed by others, and can become nervous easily.

However, he soon makes amends with those who cause him grief, like thanking Pony Head for saving him in " Party With a Pony ". He cares deeply for those he is close to, attempting to save Ferguson from being kidnapped in " School Spirit " and trying to cheer up Star whenever she is feeling upset. Marco also has an urge to occasionally protect Star and keep her safe, as depicted in " Sleep Spells " and " Blood Moon Ball ".

Over the course of the series, Marco becomes less overly cautious and more confident, especially in his romantic pursuit of Jackie Lynn Thomas in " Freeze Day " and "Naysaya". He progressively takes more risks as a result of his friendship with Star, but he sometimes still struggles with self-confidence.

After Marco moves into the Butterfly Castlehe usually tends to prioritize his wants over his responsibilities which can cause him to mess up his important duties such as him wanting a job higher up so that he could see Star or keeping Star's sleep-portaling a secret from Hekapoo so that they can continue to work together and go on adventures. Whenever he realizes this, he does his best to make things right. In his role as Star's squire, Marco takes his responsibilities seriously and carries them out as best he can, as shown in " Trial by Squire ", " Is Another Mystery ", and " Divide ".

However, his intense focus sometimes causes him to ignore other people in his life, such as his parents in " Marco Jr.

Moon Butterfly

Marco cherishes her company and soon comes to see her as his best friend. He thinks her skills with fighting monsters are impressive, and he likes joining her on her adventures. With Star's help and adventurous ways, Marco is learning how to be less cautious and instead make the most of his life.

In turn, he makes sure that they do not get into too much trouble. If she is upset, like in " Cheer Up, Star ", he does what he can to make her happy and feel better.These are recommendations made by Tropers for Fan Ficsall of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. No-name recommendations will be zapped. Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page.

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Mina Loveberry

Have you ever had that person you want to thank for everything, but can't because they have to go away? In the beginning, there was a creature that led the first queen to what would future be known as the royal Mewni family wand, although not all would know this as they can only be seen by individuals like the wielders. Now the current Princess, Star Butterfly, will turn the Wisp's world upside down and back again. Take a trip though the eyes of the Wisp to see the rest of Mewni's history unfold.

River has died, and Star blames Marco.

moon butterfly and marco fanfiction

So, she fires him as her squire. But Moon is having none of this, and decides to hire him as her personal squire. On one of their adventures, Storm and Marcia uncover the truth-that Marcia is not a normal Earth girl, as she and so many others have thought, but the long-lost Princess Luna of the Moon Kingdom!

Before she can process such, Marcia is swept away from her life as Storm's squire and right hand woman to take her rightful place on the throne. She struggles with her new life and the expectations that is put on her, as the ladies of the court try to turn her into their vision of a perfect princess in time for her sixteenth birthday. But as the day looms nearer, a dark shadow from the past threatens to destroy the plans for Marcia's special day-and Marcia along with it.

While visiting a distant mewman camp, Princess Moon is seperated from her people and lost in the desert. While camping in the same desert, Prince Toffee meets a lost princess. Marco has lived his whole life as a demon with his brother, Tom. The Underworld and demonic lifestyle is all he's ever known, torturing others and the occasional short temper.

But when he begins having reoccurring nightmares about a mysterious girl, Tom begins to act odd. Though the gruesome answers aren't what Marco is looking for, it's just what he needs to unlock his true past.

Accepting the truth is difficult, yet the girl in his nightmares is the only thing that can help him do so. Janna and Tom go and explore the depths of their new merged home dimension with their friends,Star and Marco. Despite their differences and butting heads, they learned to be more understanding of each other and become better friends. Though not having magic in this dimension has its perks, one major issue still lies on the surface, Tom needs magic to get back to the Underworld.

Therefore, they need to find a way to get him back home.

Star x Marco Daughter- Next Generation Luna Butterfly

But how will they do that without magic? To say the multiverse is a big place is an understatement. There are countless worlds in the multiverse, each one radically different from the last.Star made a quick turn and dashed down the hallway of Echo Creek Academy. She had already been late five times last week because of personal issues and she couldn't afford to be late again.

She couldn't bear another session of detention again, but the people in it were fairly nice to her. She finally was in full view of Ms. Skullnick's classroom door. Star felt a wave of adrenaline rise in her as she closed in. However, just before she made it through, the bell rang and she smacked right into the door.

She let out a slight groan as she slid to the cold floor and reveled in her failure. Miss Skullnick opened the door to see Star lying on the ground and she laughed at the young exchange students defeat. Tsk tsk tsk, I knew you couldn't ever make it on time. Guess this'll be your fourth detention this week. Star let out another groan and took the note.

She slowly stood up and made her way back to detention, all the while, Miss Skullnick continued to laugh. Star walked slowly to detention, still wallowing in her own failure. Miss Skullnick was really starting to pressure her, and become somewhat annoying. She opened the door and was surprised to find out that the room was empty.

Knowing the gang of her friends that were usually here, they probably ran off somewhere. The room was cold and empty as Star took her seat. Just then, she heard a knock at the door. She gloomy looked up and saw her best friend, Marco Diaz, smiling at her through the glass. She shot up from her seat and scurried over to the door.

Star filling the door open and hugged Marco, squeezing him tightly. She let go of her friend and pulled out her wand. Offed and pointed wand towards Marco. He screamed and in a blinding flash of light, he was gone. I just wish Marco will be okay. Marco continued to scream as his body reappeared, but he found himself nowhere near the school or anywhere familiar for that matter. He looked around and saw a castle in the distance.

Marco groaned, finally realizing where he was. My place in space has changed, but I don't know if my place in time has changed too. I'd think Star would've mastered her spells by now or at least got really good at it.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Flashes in Toffee's life in a somewhat non linear fashion and how his actions throughout history affects Mewmen and Monster history Author has no idea what the plot is anymore. After years of war with the immortal monsters, Moon makes the split choice of visiting someone from Mewni's past. But the words from the Queen of Darkness put Moon down a path that she did not want to go down originally.

Now heading down a new path, Moon must make choices for the best of both kinds. Moon will have to decide with and without allies, for and against her people Mewnians and Monsters alike; but in the process keep her crown and head while holding her world together.

When the darkest spell goes awry, Moon must learn to work with the monster she hates above all else to escape the alternate dimension trapping them together. Toffee took both Star and Marco in Storm the Castle. After months of imprisonment and experimentation, they have escaped, but not without scars.

Each have a half of the wand infused in their chests, along with the strange ability to turn into beasts, but both are left with little memories besides for their names. Not accepted by human or monster, they must fight for their survival while trying to regain the fragments of the lives they were torn away from. Toffee has been captured and brought to the Butterfly castle for questioning. But the more Moon talks to him, the less she believes he had anything to do with the murder of her mother.

In his past Toffee wanted nothing more than revenge for monsterkind. He raised an army, he raided the Mewni kingdom. Then almost as fast as he started he stopped with questions about his base beliefs. With new beliefs he went to work and three centuries later his plan is in motion and working faster than he dared hope.

Arranged Marriage AU: in which Queen Comet isn't assassinated, Toffee decides to take a different tack, and Moon agrees to marry for peace. Things have changed, just like you wanted. You never wanted this. You are Star, daughter of Prince Toffee of Septarsis, and you have spent thirteen dull, uninterrupted years in the Butterfly family dungeon.

Today is your thirteenth birthday, and something is finally going to change. Something has to change. Some one is pretending to be someone they're not. Warning, possible tear jerking moments and NSFW moments. Rest in peace. A newly crowned Queen Moon Butterfly confronts "The Lizard" and his monster army as he threatens to invade her kingdom, armed with a powerful spell from the Queen of Darkness.

However the battle does not end as Moon intends.

moon butterfly and marco fanfiction

This story contains scenes of a graphic nature that depict violence and abuse. This content may be disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised. I can tell that he is kind One day, I will shatter those glass walls, and pull you screaming from the wreckage. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. River has died, and Star blames Marco. So, she fires him as her squire. But Moon is having none of this, and decides to hire him as her personal squire.

A spell causes problems with Marco, Moon, and Eclpisa. Sexy problems. Takes palce during season three. The sequel to Breaking Brittney, now she's fully accepted her position, it's time for her to be introduced to her fellow maids. Brittney finds herself needing money - fast, and turns to Marco for help. She ends up finding herself a new maid for Queen Moon, but also discovers things spiralling out of her comfort zone.

Star finds that her mother has been keeping a secret from everyone for years. One that could destroy her friendship, her family, and maybe even the newly re-established royal line. This is a crosspost of the story in FF. In there, it was posted by ReaperJ, the co-writer of this fic, in here, it will be posted and maintained by me. After a visit to a new dimension, Marco becomes the object of every girl in Echo Creak's lust. What's gotten into these girls? Read and find out. The Mewni Kingdom, in the past a colorful and mighty kingdom, now a pool of disease, riots, and discontent.During the episode, Mina shows a rather energetic personality, with a slight hint towards insanity.

She, like Star, does not get much of Earth culture and sometimes does whenever she wants, like setting a hot dog cart on fire after learning about democracy. What caused her personality to turn like this, and how she acted before the incident, is unknown. Mina is a fair-skinned female mewman with purple hair with two odangos and green eyes. She wears a turquoise dress shirt with poofy sleeves and a matching pleated skirt, a grey helmet with a spike at the top, a purple bowtie, a purple belt across her waist, white opera gloves and magenta heels.

In recent years however, due in part to the deterioration of her mental state, both her appearance and clothes have fallen into disarray. She has mud and dirt stains across her clothes and face, and is missing one of her boots, eventually losing her other boot and going completely barefoot. She debuts jumping out of a dumpster with some thrown-away donuts, and Star soon recognizes her as her hero, while Marco only thinks she's a crazy lady and she follows Mina around and does what she says, like going to the mud, using playground equipment to make weapons, and other stuff.

Later on, after learning about the concept of democracy, Mina attempts to convince Star to help her conquer and rule the earth. However, when she refuses, Mina transforms into a muscular version of herself to try and intimidate Star into ruling with her.

This fails, and Mina is soon defeated when everybody votes against her ruling them all, including herself. Defeated by democracy, Mina dives into a dumpster that takes her back to Mewni, but not before taking away a handmade mace Star made and once at the dimension, she looks at the mace's head and laments leaving Star behind.

She appears more stable at the time she's seen trying to get information on the assassination of Comet Butterfly. She shows up again in " Monster Bash " having camped out in Ludo 's old castle where star is hosting a party for monsters mina starts kidnapping monsters and upon seeing Miss Heinous reveals that her real name is Meteora Butterflythe daughter of Eclipsa Butterfly.

She tries to kill her in her super Solarian form but Star, Marco and Tom fight her. Meteora, now remembering her true identity, escapes with Gemini and Rasticore.

Mina follows soon after. Her last appearance in Season 3 comes in " Divide " where it's revealed she lost to a now powerful Meteora off-screen. She comes back in Season 4's " Ghost of Butterfly Castle " now living in the abandoned castle where she sees Moon who came back to get her day planner. Mina wants to revive the Solarian Experiment and reveals herself to be the one who tried to yada yada Eclipsa with her crow Sebastion after several failed attempts at getting crows to hold the berries without turning into stone.

Moon wants no part of it. Mina flies off determined to kill Eclipsa while Moon decides to let the current queen handle it herself. Season Two: " My New Wand! Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

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